Thursday, February 18, 2016

Mike, Reg and the Tall Man in Monstars Art Series

It never ceases to amaze me how many talented artists are also phans (or how many phans are also talented artists?). One of these folks I'd like to introduce you to is the excellent Andrew Barr, who has a fantastic block-style art series called "Monstars" in which he's featured Reggie, the Tall Man and now Mike Pearson. I've combined three of those pieces together in the image below. You can check out Andrew's Monsters blog here and his overall art website here, which features his other styles and prints. If you happen to read Rue Morgue, you might have already seen his artwork.

Andrew's blog states he lives in Canada on the outskirts of Toronto. Wonder if he'll be at tonight's Rue Morgue screening of Phantasm II? Here's to hoping he continues this terrific series, which already has a ton of other horror greats in it!

Click the Image Below to See It Larger!

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