Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Reggie Bannister remembers pal Angus Scrimm

Fangoria has posted another personal remembrance of our dear Angus Scrimm, this one by longtime friend and co-star Reggie Bannister. The Tall Man and the Regman did a total of eight films together across forty years, five of which were Phantasm’s. In the years since the original film, the two men have traveled the country together promoting their work and meeting fans of the series and genre. The Fangoria piece also includes several special photos by Phantasm crewmember extraordinaire Kristen Deem.

The legacies of these two greats will forever be intertwined, so it’s nice to hear more from Reggie about the man we’re all still missing. Read the piece here. (The Tall Man artwork in the above image is by the fantastic Chris Ness - check out his website on the side panel to your right.)

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