Thursday, January 14, 2016

Glass Eye/Fango Tributes to Angus Scrimm

Numerous loving tributes to our dearly departed Angus Scrimm continue to appear online - far too many to collect in one blog post - though there are four I want to bring your attention to. They were written by four people who knew our Tall Man well and whom he held in extremely high regard. The photo above was snapped by series crewmember and longtime Scrimm sidekick Kristen Deem.

First off, Fangoria founder and longtime personal friend Tony Timpone has written "Tall Man, Big Heart" over at Fangoria's website. I strongly encourage you to read this one - Timpone knew the man well for many years and speaks from the heart.

Also at Fangoria, I SELL THE DEAD writer/director Glenn McQuaid fondly recalls meeting Angus for the first time

Still at Fangoria, Larry Fessenden has penned a similarly warm tribute with behind the scenes remembrances. Fessenden both co-starred with and produced Angus in four films.

Lastly, filmmaker James Felix McKenney remembers his friend over at IndieWire. Outside of Don Coscarelli and Jim Wynorski, McKenney directed Angus more times than any other filmmaker on the planet and knew him well.

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