Friday, December 11, 2015

Phan Creates Killer Reggie Bannister Figure!

Frustrated with the complete lack of Phantasm figures, talented DeviantArt user Oz Muerte uploaded photos this week of his own custom Reggie figure... and it's pretty badass. Even cooler is that Oz didn't skimp on the accessories. From the looks of it, this Reggie comes equipped with a tuning fork, an acoustic guitar, his handy four-barrel shotgun and ice cream! Notice in the photo collage below how great Oz's Reggie looks when paired beside NECA's Tall Man figure!

"Small man, your end approaches but it is not yet!"

On his DeviantArt page, Oz writes, "I went all out on details & accessories as you can see. And although you cant really tell from the pictures, he does have his trademark ponytail. Making "The Dwarf Tosser" 4-barreled shotgun was a bit involved, and if that didn't work the whole thing wouldn't... Interesting too that its not entirely movie accurate, as its made from pump-action shotguns, but that may actually be an improvement over the original as now the stabilizing handle could conceivably be used to load the next 4 rounds in each time by Reggie pulling it towards himself... It would save him from having to reload so much."

The only question now is.... how do we get Oz Muerte a job at NECA??

Click to photo to enlarge it!

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