Monday, November 2, 2015

Play the Phantasm: Sentinel Hunt Game!!

Here is one from the vaults! The now out-of-print Region 2 Phantasm Sphere boxset has just turned ten years old. Released on Halloween 2005, this was and remains a stellar presentation of the first four films for those who either live in the UK or managed to get a copy shipped across the pond or elsewhere. Supplement-packed box sets weren't as common for horror franchises ten years ago, so the fact that Phantasm received such treatment so early on was a delight.

Anchor Bay UK really went to bat for the sphere-shaped set, printing full-page ads in trade publications and genre magazines. They also created a pretty fun flash game called Phantasm: Sentinel Hunt. While they have long since removed it from their website, yours truly managed to save the game before its removal and you can play it at the link below! The most unique part of the game? You play using your keyboard as a silver sphere hunting humans! If you manage to drill someone, you're treated to a brief clip from the films and then back to the hunt.

(requires flash, may not work on mobile devices)

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