Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Bubba Ho-Tep adapted in BOOMSTICK BALLET

This isn't directly Phantasm related, but it's so weirdly awesome that I couldn't resist posting about it. There is something going down in New York City this Saturday called BOOMSTICK BALLET: A Bruce Campbell Dance Opera in 3 Acts. Someone has actually adapted three of Campbell's most popular works into a rock ballet. Sign me up! If this is half as much fun as Evil Dead: The Musical has been, then everyone is in for a real treat. Here's to hoping the evening is successful enough to warrant future performances beyond this limited engagement.

The official description reads as such: "Put your sawed-off severed hands together! Following the success of their rock opera ballet "SEVERED: The Tragic Loves of Frankenstein's Monster", The Love Show and .357 LOVER reunite to bring you an evening of mayhem, beauty and slapstick through dance and original live music, based on films starring the Cary Grant of cult classic horror flicks, Bruce Campbell!"

The first act covers Evil Dead II, the second Bubba Ho-Tep and the third Army of Darkness. I suddenly have enormous interest in dance opera. Get more information here and visit the group on Facebook here.

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