Sunday, September 6, 2015

Reggie Bannister's Bonejangles Looks Awesome!

The trailer for Reggie Bannister's latest film has debuted onto Facebook and.... it looks all kinds of ass-kicking awesome. Titled Bonejangles, the IMDb describes it as such: To safely deliver an unstoppable killer, a rag-tag group of police officers must first survive a hellish pit stop: a cursed town where the dead rise from their graves.

Our dear Reggie shows up looking wonderfully maniacal in the preview appearing to play the monster's father. He's also rocking a great accent ("Make yo dadda praad!") and what might be an axe. This film looks like so much fun, with plenty of stylish throwback on display to the vintage slasher films of yesteryear (the lighting, camera and effects work are all strikingly good!) Bonejangles is the second feature from director Brett DeJager and the first from screenwriter Keith Melcher. The film also stars Elissa Dowling and Julia Cavanaugh.

Check out the trailer below and be sure to follow the film's official Facebook page for updates!

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