Sunday, September 27, 2015

UPDATED: Fraudulent Phantasm Ravager Kickstarter

[Update from the Chief Archivist: My posts on this topic were never a smear campaign against the individual who started this mess, but rather an effort to prevent phans from throwing their money at it. I was trying to stop it - and that goal has been met. I'll leave these posts up because this all did happen, but I'm removing the phan's name and details from this post.]

I'll be honest - the only way Phantasm Ravager's legacy gets any weirder is if someone involved has a sex tape leak onto social media that somehow involves a silver sphere. A new Kickstarter campaign has been launched to fund the further long delayed production, release and marketing of Phantasm Ravager to the tune of $15,000,000. The only problem is that this project is most definitely fraudulent and completely unrelated to the production. 

The campaign creator is listed as ----------- of Miami, who self-describes as "Creator and owner of multiple business startups and successful long running ventures." His scam project page reads, "You will fund the creation of a marketing campaign comprising of web content, internet advertising, and possibly television commercials, as well as the distribution of the film  "Phantasm V: Ravager" so that this film can finally make it to the market, as well as funding the final pickup shots that will complete the film for market." 

First things first, this has a campaign goal of FIFTEEN MILLION?? That is far in excess of the combined production budgets of all five Phantasm films! Even crazier is that one person has already contributed $30 to the cause. The only listed perk for the campaign is at the $30 donation level, which supposedly nets you a copy of the film on either DVD or Blu-Ray with a delivery date of next September. Even more bizarre are what ------ has listed in the Risks and Challenges section: "A big challenge involves creating the right marketing, artwork, and online advertising that will create the appropriate response to the film. However, part of our work would be studying the long time fan base and online trends to create the perfect marketing this film needs." 

So, this must surely be a scam to make money off the good name of Phantasm, right? Not exactly. The Kickstarter page is set up so that funds are only received if the total amount is raised, in this case $15,000,000. I'm certain there is simply no way for phans to ever raise that kind of dough, which is an astronomical figure for a crowd funding project. As far as I can tell, only one venture in the history of Kickstarter that has ever raised that kind of money and that was for a smart watch. So no matter how much this fraudulent endeavor makes, it won't actually receive the funds

If the page isn't a legitimate ruse to scam money, then possibly it was made in jest? There's nothing overtly funny about this particular Kickstarter. The page isn't even all that well put together, lifting obvious fan art from other sources and pulling text from other websites about the film. I'm filing this one in my "What-the-hell?" folder.

Slight update on that whole fake Phantasm Ravager crowd funding initiative. The campaign starter actually tweeted his effort to Phantasm creator Don Coscarelli asking how he would go about "writing a multi-million dollar check." I'm still unclear on whether or not this is a joke or a serious effort. Is it still okay to be laughing at this?


  1. This is just how desperate fans are to see this friggin movie! Lie,steal, kill! Just get the movie out for christs sake!

  2. Trying to raise money for a Movie I love. Labeled a scammer (as if were fact) without even contacting me first. No worries. You guys love the Phantasm film series, I love the Phantasm film series. I'll just focus on the positive of this site, and wish you well.

  3. Sad day when fans are made fun of for trying to help. Congrats on becoming a troll blogger.

  4. To warrant this kind of disdain and ridicule to the Kickstarter creator, I would assume you have proven and verified that this was in fact a scam> Could you share your findings? Otherwise are we then just making fun of someone's good intentions?

    1. They just want to make fun of people for headlines, Definitely unfavoriting this crap site. .......Done

    2. How about the fact that Gigi Bannister has confirmed it as a scam?

    3. That was in response to this article, which immediately assumed was this was a scam.

      Although it was an unofficial, fan effort, to help fund the film, it was still an effort to fund the film and not a scam. I touched based with Gigi myself regarding this, but this was after her post.


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