Thursday, August 13, 2015

Phantasm Ravager Trailer Leak!

Well, it's finally happened. More than a year after the original teaser video hit, a four minute trailer for Phantasm Ravager leaked to the internet courtesy of a crewmember's Vimeo page. The new footage is apparently the same sizzle reel that was shown exclusively to attendees of the Texas Frightmare Weekend screening a while back and.... it is pretty cool!

The only downside is that the Coscarelli camp apparently discovered the footage within an hour or so today and it has since been removed from Vimeo. Fortunately for you, devoted phans have already saved the source file and the trailer has been popping up all over various other sites. I'm not going to post links to any of that here because it would immediately be targeted for takedown, but do your Google and social media homework and you should come upon it pretty quickly.

The hilarious part? The footage had been hiding in plain sight online for more than two months before being discovered! Okay, enough here. Go find the trailer! It's Christmas in August, booooy!

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