Thursday, April 30, 2015

Phantasm Score Returning to Vinyl!

Here's some fantastic news sure to make anyone's week. Mondo has announced a new limited edition reissue of the original Phantasm score on vinyl along with a new limited edition screen print! Both new products feature gorgeous new artwork, the vinyl by Phantom City Creative and the screen print by artist Mike Saputo (click . The vinyl will also boast new liner notes from Don Coscarelli. Both the record and screen print debut tonight at the Alamo Drafthouse screening of the first Phantasm in Texas and will be available throughout this weekend at the Texas Frightmare Convention. An online release is planned for an uncertain date in the future. For more information, see the original announcement here.

If these two items are anything like Mondo's other releases, they'll sell out quickly and immediately start fetching outrageous prices on the secondary market. If you want either of these and have an opportunity to snag them, don't hesitate! (click either the vinyl cover or screen print to enlarge them.)

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