Monday, February 9, 2015

GALLERY: Scrimm & Exhumed at DOTD 2015

Well, the 2015 Days of the Dead convention has come and gone in Atlanta, Georgia where both Angus Scrimm and Phantasm Exhumed appeared. It was a terrifically fun weekend spent reconnecting with old friends and making new ones. I manned the Exhumed table all three days with series crewmember/book photographer Kristen Deem. We signed many books that were bought at the show and a right many that phans brought from home having already purchased and read through. It was a pleasure meeting everyone and if you stopped by the table with a kind word, thank you. Now... how's about a slew of twenty or so pictures from the weekend?

The Phantasm Exhumed booth is set up and ready for business! 

My POV. 

 Silver Sphere Selfies - why aren't these a "thing?"

The Tall Man's autograph ticket for the weekend featuring two Phantasm II photos, the right one of which was taken by Kristen Deem and immediately sucked up into Universal's press kit for the film. 

Paying Angus Scrimm a visit at his table. 

After saying "Hi" to Angus, I went to see the Tall Man at his table.

Later on, Angus stopped by the Phantasm Exhumed table to say "Hi."
Unlike at Flashback Weekend in Chicago, we were actually present this time!

Angus signing a large Phantasm Exhumed poster.

A late night selfie from a long overdue celebratory dinner for Phantasm Exhumed.

Poor Batman isn't looking so good these days...

Jason Voorhees - still not a Phantasm fan, apparently.

I was surprised and flattered that actor Duane Whitaker stopped by the Phantasm Exhumed table to talk all things phantasmic and to get a signed book! This guy is classy all the way, having appeared in films like Pulp Fiction, The Devil's Rejects, Halloween II and From Dusk Till Dawn 2: Texas Blood Money.

When you want to read your copy of Phantasm Exhumed but there is a LIVE ALLIGATOR sitting on it. 
The struggle is real and Angus knows it well. 
This photo by his wonderful DOTD handler, Julie Kitsulie, whom you should check out here!

Angus addressing an adoring crowd at the late night VIP party on Saturday evening. 
I think I see Jeremy Todd Morehead  in there?

Awesome Phantasm tattoo number one.

Awesome Phantasm tattoo number two - and coincidentally the same iconic shot!

Anybody need an Angus Scrimm autograph?

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