Thursday, January 15, 2015

Top Seven Phantasm Shirts on Red Bubble

If you haven't heard of this website called Red Bubble, it's a pretty great marketplace for people to create their own designs and offer them on a wide variety of products, notably t-shirts. As it turns out, several enterprising phans have started making their own t-shirt designs in the absence of an official t-shirt line because, let's face it, while that new Phantasm Ravager shirt is mighty sharp, it's only one bloody shirt. 

It wasn't until this past summer in Chicago for Flashback Weekend that I began seeing phans wearing these cool new designs. While I'm not really a printed t-shirt kind of guy, I can still dig the creativity that goes into these things. Highlighted for you within this post are the seven of the coolest Phantasm-inspired shirts I found on Red Bubble.

1. Reggie's Ice Cream (product page)

2. Cartoon Tall Man & Dwarves (product page)

3. '71 CUDA (product page)

4. 'Cuda and Spheres (product page)

5. House of Wax Lips (product page)
(notice he's the "Towering Man" here!)

6. A Phantasm Christmas (product page)

7. Horror Prop Goddess (product page)

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