Saturday, January 24, 2015

Reggie and Tall Man Lego Figures!

You've seen the Ghostbusters Lego set. You may even have seen the Back to the Future Lego set. But have you ever seen a Phantasm Lego set?? Yeah, me neither. Phantasm is one of six properties left on the planet that Lego has yet to license from, but no matter. Leave it to Phantasm's followers to make their own. I posted in 2011 about a phan-made custom Tall Man Lego figure, but this is my first time seeing a Reggie to go along with a Tall Man. Head inside this post to see close-up pictures of this phantastic creation!

It was at the Flashback Weekend convention this past August that I met a phan by the name of Steve Hoch. He stopped by the Phantasm Exhumed book table to show off his awesome custom Lego creations. Steve mentioned having to search through a variety of different Lego sets to find the individual pieces required to make Reggie and the Tall Man. His work definitely paid off because these look great. He even nailed the Tall Man's scowl!

As great as these are, my only question is : Where is Mike, Jody and the Lady in Lavender? And how's about a Lego Hearse and 'Cuda? Oh - and a Morningside Mausoleum set. Someone get on this right away!

Thanks for sharing, Steve. The phan-base is surely green with envy over your figures.

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