Monday, January 26, 2015

Rare German Phantasm III Promo Item

I've seen a lot of Phantasm collectibles, both official and unofficial. I mean A LOT. But something cropped up on eBay a few days ago that even I had never seen before. This small piece was a promotional item for the German home video release of Phantasm III, which was known to Germans as Das Böse III. Even cooler, the eBay seller had Don Coscarelli sign it in Burbank at last year's Monsterpalooza convention.

So what's this rare collectible? It's a matchbox printed to resemble the home video case for Das Böse III. Even the spine and reverse sides are printed like the home video. I've always wondered about the decision with this particular release to not feature any artwork on the front cover. Did the distributor feel that a blank artwork would intrigue horror fans more than a shot of the Tall Man? I'm assuming the tagline "Der Kult-Schocker" translates to "The Cult Shocker." In that direction, maybe we're to believe this film is too shocking to have any artwork.

Click here to see the auction page and get in your bid if you're in the market for something unique for your Phantasm collection.

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