Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Phantasm heads to the Lone Star State

This isn't exactly breaking news, but it would be negligent of me not to at least mention it here on the Archives. There is another gigantic Phantasm reunion brewing and set to unfold at the Texas Frightmare Weekend in Dallas from May 1-3. The lineup includes usual suspects Don Coscarelli, Angus Scrimm, A. Michael Baldwin, Reggie & Gigi Bannister, Bill Thornbury and Kathy Lester. As a rare treat, stuntman and actor Bob Ivy will also be in attendance. Phans will recall Ivy's infamous hearse stunt from Phantasm III and performance as the Demon Cop from Phantasm Oblivion. He also played the titular mummy in Bubba Ho-Tep and provided stunts for the upcoming Phantasm Ravager!

It's an impressive lineup and sure to be an unforgettable weekend. It's also pretty impressive that Texas Frightmare has managed to nab Scream star Neve Campbell! ("Do you like scary movies?")

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