Thursday, January 1, 2015

Huge Gallery: Scott Hoffman's Phantasm Art!

Today I'm very pleased to share with you the Phantasmic artwork of Artist Scott Hoffman. Scott is a huge phan from way back and enormously talented at recreating some of the most memorable moments from the franchise. These works are part of his Transformative Impressions series. In this post, Scott has allowed me to feature a whopping twenty-two of his art pieces here on the Archives, the first three of which depict the upcoming Phantasm Ravager.

You can check out Scott's web store here and like him on Facebook here.

Here's a brief artist biography: "Scott has been creating since as far back as he can remember. His passion in life and art has always been to add value to what has naturally existed and share his passion with others. His transformative works have been hailed as "Monet meets Freddy Krueger". Scott's ever evolving body of work carries a repertoire so diverse, that he has something for the true art lover to the conventional passerby."


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