Monday, November 17, 2014

GALLERY: Scrimm Award Ceremony & Exhumed Book Signing

This past weekend saw the New York City Horror Film Festival award its prestigious Lifetime Achievement Award to a very deserving Angus Scrimm. The Tall Man actor was on hand to personally receive the award at the Tribeca Cinema - along with yours truly and Phantasm series crewmember Kristen Deem. His award ceremony was followed by a brief Q&A and a PHANTASM EXHUMED book signing.

EXHUMED photographer Scott Pensa was on hand to document the event and you can see all of his wonderful photos by expanding this post. These include the award presentation itself, the onstage tributes to the Tall Man and the book signing.

FANGORIA's Tony Timpone introduces Angus.

The terrific James Felix McKenney, who directed Angus in THE OFF SEASON, AUTOMATONS 
and SATAN HATES YOU, gives a warm onstage tribute.

McKenney's tribute was followed up by actor Larry Fessenden's, who memorably co-starred with Angus in films like THE OFF SEASON and I SELL THE DEAD.

Angus after being presented with the ghastly award by festival director Ronnie Hein.

His acceptance speech was uproariously funny!!

Cracking up at the acceptance speech - Tony Timpone, the Chief Archivist and his Lady in Lavender.

Photo with Tony Timpone.

Festival Director Ronnie Hein plants a kiss on Angus.

The Chief Archivist gets ready for the book signing.

The line begins to form for the book signing in the Varick Room.

 The Chief Archivist and the Tall Man with sharpies at the ready.

 Angus signs while the Chief Archivist introduces a phan to Kristen Deem.

The Chief Archivist, the Tall Man and Lady Morningside!

 You can't tell it from the camera flash, but it was terribly dark, thus we all signed by candlelight.

Pause for a photo.

The Tall Man and Lady Morningside between signing books.

Kristen finishes up a book while the Chief Archivist searches for his sharpie.

PHANTASM EXHUMED Photographer Scott Pensa strikes a pose with the Tall Man.

PROTAGONIST vocalist and horror enthusiast Peter Marullo put in an appearance!
(check out Pete's music at the link. You'll be glad you did!)

Say cheese, gents!

 The Lifetime Achievement Award!

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