Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Rock out to "Morningside Cemetery"

There's nothing better to follow up a Phantasm rock tune with than with another Phantasm rock tune! On the heels of my posting Scotty Bootz Georgeson's theme cover last week comes another fantastic phan creation - this one by singer/songwriter Matt Martinek. It's an original song featuring a new riff on the Phantasm theme called "Morningside Cemetery" and, unlike most Phantasm songs I come across, actually has lyrics inspired by the films. As the opening suggests, "Take a walk through Morningside..."

Matt stopped by Phantasm Community recently to share his song and writes "Long live the Tall Man." Hear, hear.

Hailing from Johnstown, PA, his artist biography reads: "Multi-instrumentalist Matt Martinek cannot really be lumped into one genre specifically. His interest in different kinds of music is apparent, as he infuses pop, metal, blues, country, folk, and even some rap into his musical creations. When asked about his differing styles, he replies "It all goes with my mood. If I'm feeling heavy and rude, I write it. If I'm feeling lovely and caring, I'll throw it out there. My musical footprint as a whole cannot be classified. I do not care for limits, so I break them as often as I can".

Expand this post to hear and download "Morningside Cemetery."

You can listen to Matt's song in the video below or head over to Reverb Nation to download the MP3 and sample Matt's other tunes.

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