Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Phantasm Exhumed EXCERPTS

Not that anyone would believe it in light of the Phantasm: Ravager news, but it had been my intention all day long to post the first excerpts from my upcoming book, PHANTASM EXHUMED, here on the Archives. I even teased that they were coming a week ago on Phantasm Community! But no matter. Here they are!

Below you will find two-page excerpts from the four chapters on the first four Phantasm films. The final page count equals out to 258 pages with more than 260 rare photographs! The pages breakdown to equal 20 pages for Jim the World's Greatest and Kenny & Company, 60 pages for Phantasm, 60 pages for Phantasm II, 50 pages for Phantasm III, 44 pages for Phantasm: Oblivion and 13 pages for the various Phantasm V sequels - including a page on Phantasm: Ravager!!!


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