Tuesday, December 31, 2013

New website - PhantasmCudas.com!

Alright internet, here comes the Chief Archivist's last post on The Phantasm Archives for 2013. See you all next year!

Arguably one of the most memorable movie vehicles in horror history, the great Hemi-Cuda's of Phantasm get a lot of phan love, which has now resulted in the creation of a website! Phantasm Community member CudaCharger aka the crafty Don Almeido has founded Phantasm Cudas.com in order to "preserve the memory of the most sinister muscle car to ever roam the streets of the silver screen." Sounds good to me!

Over at his site, you can check out vintage articles about the car, see rare photos and read about what has since happened to the movie vehicles. Definitely worth a look!

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