Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Fan Art: Charles Grey

A couple of months back, my inbox was graced by the following pieces of Phantasm fan art. Both are by artist Charles Grey, whose terrific DeviantArt gallery you're invited to peruse here. You've got to love how the spheres seem to pop right off the screen in the first image, which is called "Let there be Dark." The second image, which is titled "Lord of the Dead" and is my favorite of the two, leaves me wondering what exactly might be lurking behind the Tall Man's mischievous look? Maybe a purpose for the ball in hand? Either way, do enjoy these images in higher-resolution by clicking on them and the rest of Charles' work on DeviantArt.


  1. That is by far one of the best phan artwork I've seen in a while.

    1. Awsum this movie still freeks me out 30 years later


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