Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Reggie vs Dwarves

"Come on, you muthas!" These words spring to mind when I look at artist Zach Castedo's latest work entitled "Reg vs Dwarves." This exceptional piece of fan art depicts Reggie, chainsaw in one hand and four-barrel in the other, facing down an angry dwarf mob. For two of the unlucky minions, Reggie is actually de-facing them. The moon aglow against black night is a nice tough as well. The artist is currently in the process of setting up a new website, but you can view more of his work over on his DeviantArt gallery (the Troll 2 poster is worth checking out). He'll be soon offering prints of "Reg vs Dwarves" and for more information on that, you may contact him directly. In the mean time, you can click the below artwork to enlarge it. Great work, Zach!

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