Thursday, June 16, 2011

Artist Spotlight: Chris Kuchta

In the first of several artist spotlights I'll be running in the near future, I present to you the inspired artwork of renowned horror artist Chris Kuchta (visit him at Chris not only cites Phantasm as one of his all-time favorite genre flicks, but hails the Tall Man as his favorite horror icon, so you must admit - the man has good taste. 

Among his extensive gallery of horror paintings, Chris has depicted two scenes of the Tall Man from Phantasm Oblivion, both gorgeously rendered works featured below and to your left (click to enlarge). Also pictured below is Chris in 2008 at the Flashback Weekend in Chicago where he was able to show off his work to the Tall Man himself, Angus Scrimm as well as one of Chris' spiffy prints framed in my living room (its next door neighbor is Rob Long's 20th Anniversary poster, just to the right off-camera.)

Over on his website, you can view his incredible print offerings that cover the entire history of the genre from Nosferatu to the recent Friday the 13th remake. You might also check out his Event Calendar, as both Chris and his artwork regularly appear at numerous horror conventions across the country. This month alone he's scheduled to appear at FOUR shows and there's really nothing like marveling at his creations in person. Not to mention, he's a fun to fellow to chat up.

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