Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Assorted News

There's been a hint of news recently from an interview Reggie Bannister did with Big Daddy's Horror Reviews. Not content enough to simply ask about Phantasm V, Big Daddy pressed the actor about the super-hush Secret Phantasm Project, which Reggie says was ultimately nothing more than the filmmakers pre-visualizing, camera tests and such. Considering the project began filming back in 2008, it's now a real possibility that nothing will ever come of it.
We’ve talked about (a new Phantasm), and we’ve gone out and screwed around with cameras for it. We’ve asked ourselves “How would we do this if we were to do this." - Reggie Bannister
You can read the full interview here.

Also worth mentioning is a new boxset from Universal Studios that includes Phantasm II along with The Funhouse, The Serpent and the Rainbow and Sssssss. While Amazon is selling it for an economical $7.49, my local Wal-Mart had it for a mere $5.

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