Friday, August 15, 2008

Gallery: Cast at Fright Night Film Fest 2008

I've just recently returned from the Fright Night Film Fest in Louisville, Kentucky where Phantasm stars Angus Scrimm, Michael Baldwin and Reggie Bannister turned out for three days of meet and greet with the fanbase. Returning with me are a handful of fun photos from the weekend, including pics from a local drive-in screening of the original Phantasm that Angus, Michael and Reggie personally hosted. There was actually a fourth Phantasm guest in attendance, Phantasm II dwarf actor Felix Silla, who also played Cousin It on the original Addams Family television show. Continue reading for the photos.

The Holiday Inn welcomes the show.

Reggie talks with Phantasm II Dwarf actor Felix Silla.

Dick Warlock (Michael Myers, H2) and the Regman.

The Chief Archivist and Angus.

Angus and the most stylsh pair of glasses you'll ever see.

The staff badge with Tall Man art.

Angus signing a cool fan-made model.

What's this? Michael signing a Phantasm II item!?

Reggie and Paul Miser rock out on Friday night.

The Regman doing his musical thing.

Some fan brought the reunion banner from Fango '07. Remember that?

Angus, Reggie and Michael near the end of day one.

The Chief Archivist, Michael and Angus.

The Chief Archivist and Michael.

Michael, Angus and Reggie at the well-attended Q&A session.

The Chief Archivist with the boys from!

The Tall Man and his bo-oo-ooy, thirty years later.

Reggie, Michael and the crazy Grindhouse twins on the roof of the drive-in
for the 35mm screening of Phantasm.

Michael, Reggie and Angus before the drive-in show.

The Chief Archivist and Michael doing gang signs in the limo.

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