Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Circuit City Exclusive: Signed Phantasm Poster

Imagine my delight when I opened up my Sunday newspaper to read the store ads and I see that Circuit City was selling the Anchor Bay release of Phantasm for the low price of $12.99. On top of that, they boast an exclusive poster for those who purchase a copy from them. Not only was their price uber-cheap, but it came with a free poster! I stopped by my local Circuit City bright early Tuesday morning to find the DVD comfortably nestled on the 'New Release' rack. A sticker on the case said the poster was contained within and that one out of every seven posters was signed by Don Coscarelli himself. I eyed all nine copies on the shelf and wonder which would contain the autographed poster. Even if I walked away without an autograph, the poster was still a neat bonus (despite being folded up inside of the case). I grabbed the disc, checked out and briskly walked to my car to tear into the package. Fortune must've been smiling on me that morning because sure enough, my poster boasted the John Hancock of Don Coscarelli in the lower, right-hand corner. Score! Below you can see my framed poster alongside my copy of the DVD. Ignore my toaster and blender. : )

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