Wednesday, May 22, 2019

New Phantasm Clock from Nightmares Unlimited!

You might've seen that tacky-ass Phantasm III clock dumped on video stores back in the 90's, but dig this classy-looking Phantasm time piece cooked up by Mark Phillips of Nightmares Unlimited! This bad boy features an actual chrome sphere as the centerpiece with marble backing and Phantasm lettering across the top!

Mark is currently offering ten of these clocks for sale. They're $75 each plus shipping. If you'd like one, message him on the Nightmares Unlimited page to reserve yours.

Monday, May 6, 2019

Now Available: Tall Man/Dwarf Combo Figurines, Limited Stock!

Phans, dig this! Chicago-based artist Charlie Lonewolf regularly creates and sells his own custom horror statuettes and they are fantastic. Last year, he briefly offered a spectacular Tall Man/dwarf combo, but these very quickly sold out to the disappointment of many. Now he's back at it and this is your chance to nab one for your own collection.

The Tall Man is about 5.5 inches tall and made of resin. The combo figure pack costs $42 plus shipping. Get yours on Charlie's Etsy store and also check out his Instagram page to see his other marvelous offerings!

Fingers crossed for a Reggie or Mike statue next!

Sunday, May 5, 2019

Bet You've Never Seen This Phantasm Autograph Before

This past weekend saw the always phenomenal Texas Frightmare horror convention unfold in Dallas. While there weren't any Phantasm stars in attendance this year, that didn't stop mega-phan Scott Pensa from getting a Phantasm-related autograph from an unlikely celebrity - Evil Dead filmmaker Sam Raimi!

You may or may not already know that Raimi had a small cameo in 1988's Phantasm II as a bag of ashes being poured into an urn at Perigord Mortuary. According to legend, Raimi had unsuccessfully lobbied Don Coscarelli for a bigger cameo in the first Phantasm sequel, preferably as a sphere-victim. You can see a screenshot of Raimi's cameo below as well as the photo Scott had printed out for the director to sign.

This might be one of the rarest and most unique Phantasm autographs I've ever seen. Great stuff, Scott!

Thursday, May 2, 2019

Vinyl Announcement: Angus Scrimm in "The Grandfather"

Here's some terrific news for fans of the Tall Man. Holy Mountain Printing has just released a vinyl pressing of Angus Scrimm's performance in "The Grandfather," an episode of the audio drama series Tales from Beyond the Pale. This particular installment was written and directed by the marvelous Graham Reznick, a friend and collaborator of Scrimm's. If you missed this gem when it was originally released back in 2010, I'd highly recommend you check it out. You can read my review of the episode here.

The album comes in split-color vinyl (limited to 400 copies) and glow-in-the-dark (limited to 100 copies). The split-color is $20 and glow-in-the-dark is $22. The photo below originated over on the Glass Eye Pix website.

Angus Scrimm wrote liner notes for countless albums throughout his career at Capitol Records, but this is - to my knowledge - the first time his voice has been featured so prominently on an actual vinyl album!

Get your copy of "The Grandfather" vinyl here!

Sunday, April 28, 2019

Bloody Good Work: Carpenter Whittles the Tall Man

Phantasm phan Jon Denton (IG username: PootieDude) has a real talent for hand carving things out of blocks of wood. He's made several cool characters lately including Freddy, Jason, and even Frank-N-Furter from the Rocky Horror Picture Show. But most recently, he's whittled the Tall Man from Phantasm! Check out the sweet pics below including his final painted version.

I'm a little jealous as I sometimes struggle folding a piece of paper evenly, but this guy is able to make incredible works of art with his bare hands and a blade. Hit up Jon's Instagram account to see more of his work!

Thursday, April 25, 2019

Super Rare Piece of Phantasm's Mausoleum For Sale!

Here's something you truly don't see every day. Right now, there is an eBay auction underway for a piece of contact paper used in the making of the original Phantasm! That's right - you can now own a legitimate piece of the Tall Man's mausoleum! Most phans likely already know that the original 1979 film didn't shoot at an actual mausoleum, but rather inside a Chatsworth, California warehouse made to look like a mausoleum through the use of contact paper.

The backstory on this rare item goes like this. Don Coscarelli gave this item to series crew member Kristen Deem during the making of Phantasm Oblivion. Kristen later gifted it to phan and artist Robert Long, who is now parting ways with it. You may recall Rob as the artist behind Phantasm's 20th Anniversary poster. On an unrelated note, so weird to think that poster came out twenty years ago. How time flies...

The starting bid is a mighty reasonable $75, so go get it!

Sunday, April 21, 2019

Pre-Order: Mini-Sphere Display from Nightmares Unlimited

Dig this latest offering from Mark Phillips of Nightmares Unlimited! It's a miniature sphere display complete with spacegate and Phantasm lettering! Perfect for the phan with limited desk space. Mark is currently fielding pre-orders on these bad boys. You can get this entire display for $60 USD, shipping included within the United States. Do note that while the picture below is of a P2 Display, this pre-order is for P1 displays, which will ship in late May. Contact Nightmares Unlimited to order!

Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Mark Shostrom Reveals Tall Man Melting Makeup Ingredients

Thirty-odd years later, makeup effects legend Mark Shostrom has revealed the ingredients to the grotesque makeup that melted the Tall Man at the end of Phantasm II. Phans will recall that Mark supervised makeup effects on both Phantasm II and Phantasm III, which were arguably an effects high mark for the entire franchise. Angus Scrimm lovingly dubbed Mark "the Julia Child of Makeup" for his use of food products in the melting sequence. We've long known Mark incorporated chicken skin in the melting makeup, but here's a complete list of items used!

  • Knox gelatine
  • Karo syrup (Tall Man blood)
  • Yogurt (in moderation)
  • McCormick food colours
  • Raw chicken skin

Mark further comments: "Since chicken skin often has salmonella and is incredibly greasy, I had to wash it with Ivory liquid and hot water for at least 30 minutes. I wore rubber gloves for this. Angus wore full face, neck and hand prosthetic I had sculpted; these were foam latex and painted with PAX and rubber mask greasepaint. All the food stuff went on afterwards. The only glue that would work to stick the chicken skin to his rubber neck prosthetic was super glue (I never glued them directly on his skin). I also have a good Jambalaya recipe but I've never tried that one on an actor."

To learn more about Mark's incredible career in makeup effects (including more Phantasm'y goodness), visit his official website or check him out on Facebook.

Sunday, April 14, 2019

"Hot as Love" Reggie Cosplay from Monsterpalooza

This weekend saw the terrific Monsterpalooza convention unfold in Pasadena, California. In attendance was true phan David Hanger, who chose to go in full cosplay as Reggie Bannister from the original Phantasm! Hot as love! You can see that David's even rocking a tuning fork, which is essential weaponry for any fight against the Tall Man and his forces of evil. Great work, David!

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