Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Forget Ravager. PHANTASM PORN Is Now a Thing

Forget Ravager, there's another newly released Phantasm film on the scene... and I'm willing to bet it's got way more balls than anything in the new official film. Before you think I'm kidding you about this next post, let me assure you I'm entirely serious. This is real.

An ambitious group of porn filmmakers have debuted a new work called PHANGASM: A HARDCORE PHANTASM PARODY. That's right - there is now literally a pornographic parody of the Phantasm series. 

The plot description is as such: "Sadie Santana and her cohort of thick, burly men have come to visit The Tall Man for revenge! This mysterious, evil being is awoken by their presence, and sends his equally mysterious and evil silver balls to punish them one by one! As Gage, Jon Jon, and Mr. Pete are each placed under the spell of The Balls, only Sadie is left, roaming the halls terrified and alone! Suddenly coming upon her ball-addled former-friends, the lovely Miss Santana is taken down." [plot description cut off at this point as what happens next ain't exactly fit for spelling out here!]

The parody appears to borrow some of the most familiar elements from Phantasm. The cast includes a Tall Man (he's on stilts!), both Pearson brothers and a black Reggie. There is also a silver ball... sort of. The silver menace in Phangasm is actually a floating pair of chromed testicles. No joke.

I'm not going to post a link to the production company's website here, but if you're sharp enough you can simply Google the film and find where it's being sold at. If you happen to dare to watch it, do us all a favor 
and report back here with a comment on the story!

Monday, September 26, 2016

EPIC Phantasm Pumpkin w/ Entire Cast!

It's not yet October, but that spooky feeling is already in the air. In what is becoming a delightful Halloween tradition, the ridiculously talented Natalie Tomaszewski has shared with us another Phantasm pumpkin creation - this time featuring the entire cast! Pictured here in character are actors Angus Scrimm, A. Michael Baldwin, Bill Thornbury, Reggie Bannister and Kat Lester. (Click any photo to see it larger!)

Natalie is constantly producing amazing pumpkin works of art, so be sure to check her out on Facebook at the Carved In Kin page. You can see beneath her most recent Phantasm pumpkin here one she did for my book, Phantasm Exhumed, last Halloween! I'm sure this pumpkin will impress both phans and cast members alike just as her previous ones have.

First Ravager Reviews Are Here!

The first official review of Phantasm Ravager following last night's Austin, Texas premiere has landed online. Eric Walkuski has posted his thoughts over on the JoBlo website. While Eric doesn't hold back his problems with the movie, he ultimately gives it a favorable 7/10 rating with positive comments overall. Read the review here.

And while the giant Phantasm phans over at Daily Grindhouse haven't technically posted a full proper review yet, they have posted a "Reflections" discussion on the film, which you can read here. In it, writers Matt Wedge and Mike Vanderbilt discuss the ups and downs of what may be Phantasm's final outing. And while you're at the Grindhouse, be sure to check out their massive offering of series related posts from last week, which was dubbed Phantasm Week.

Various audience reactions are constantly being fed into social media and the most common sentiments, it seems, are that Ravager is a "blast" and truly feels at heart like a Phantasm movie. High praise as far as I'm concerned.

Sunday, September 25, 2016

STUNNING Remote-Controlled Battle 'Cuda from Phantasm Ravager!

Get ready to be jealous, folks. Mega-phan Alex Khan has enlisted several friends to build him an RC version of the Battle 'Cuda from Phantasm Ravager, which happens to premiere tonight at FantasticFest in Austin, Texas! The body/paint molds were done by Brad Hair Productions, the body/chassis drilling by Dan Wilson and the wheel/tire work by DJ Scoobby LuvThis sweet phan creation is stunningly movie-accurate from the paint scuffs all the way down to the license plate. I encourage you to click any of the photos below to see the car in greater detail or play the video beneath them. We've seen numerous 'Cuda models in years past, but I don't ever recall seeing one that was remote-controlled!

Alex writes in, "I'm a huge fan of mopars in movies. But since I can't afford a real mopar, I settle with 1/10th RC cars. The Cudas in the Phantasm movies are some of my favorite movie cars of all time (along with the Ford Falcon Interceptor in Mad Max; the 70 Dodge Challenger in Vanishing Point). I'm definitely not a professional. I told my friends what I wanted, and I gathered the parts for it to make it happen."

Alex has revealed to The Phantasm Archives that he plans on creating RC versions of 'Cudas from the earlier Phantasm movies, so look forward to seeing those here once he's done. Now we just need him to make a remote-controlled Tall Man's Hearse for the 'Cuda to chase after!

VIDEO: Bill Thornbury & Kat Lester Duet on Sittin' Here At Midnight!

Last night, the gorgeous Phantasm Remastered played FantasticFest in Austin, Texas as part of the nationwide Art House Theater Day event. The screening was followed by a Q&A with Don Coscarelli, A. Michael Baldwin, Reggie Bannister, Bill Thornbury and Kat Lester, which was live streamed into theaters across the country. During one part of that panel, Thornbury broke out his guitar for an impromptu duet with Lester of Sittin' Here At Midnight. The results are magical, as you can see in the video below.

Saturday, September 24, 2016

Coscarelli and Hartman Cameos in Ravager Revealed!

Jeff Roman of the Phantasm Ravager Facebook Group just discovered that Don Coscarelli has a secret cameo in the latest Ravager trailer! I myself went to investigate and found that just before his cameo is another one by director David Hartman! Check out the image below for the screenshots!

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

James LeGros FINALLY Talks Phantasm II

For many years, there has been a school of thought that maybe James LeGros didn't like his involvement with Phantasm II. Maybe he felt his career advanced beyond low-budget horror or he was pissed about being re-cast with original Mike actor A. Michael Baldwin for Phantasm III. He did have a warm reunion with Angus Scrimm at a Glass Eye Pix screening years back, but beyond that, the evidence was that he had moved past Phantasm.

The guy has turned down multiple reunion and convention appearance invitations. He declined participation both in the UK Sphere Set and the Shout Factory Phantasm II Blu-Ray discs. He first declined, then agreed, then again declined participation in my book, Phantasm Exhumed. And frankly, he has made a few offhand interviews comments in previous years that did not cast a positive light on the sequel. But now, in a new interview with WhySoBlu.com, James has actually opened up about his thoughts on the movie. With regard to Phantasm II, the interviewer starts off with, "You don’t talk a lot about it."

James replies, "Phantasm II – I love that one! Two things about that film. One – that was the first lead I ever did in a movie, so that was really exciting for me. And second because of the privileged position of being on the call sheet everyday I learned so much about filmmaking on that film – things to this day that are part of my working experience. But I just loved all those guys. Angus (Scrimm, actor The Tall Man) God rest his soul, Reggie (Bannister, actor Reggie) and Don and Daryn (Okada, Cinematographer), everybody was just so fantastic and there was just such a collegial spirit. And these guys were making this stuff from nothing and all in camera too. It was back in the day when you actually had to do stuff. None of that CGI – things had to happen. In a way that’s why we engage with some of those other older movies that way because it’s less synthetic. Digital artists they do some terrific work, but there is something lost in the bargain. I have very fond memories of that experience and I was pleased how it turned out – I’m very proud of that film."

Well, there you have it.