Thursday, October 19, 2017

PSA: Ridiculously Fake Phantasm Sphere Prop on eBay

(Adam's last name and personal information have been removed from this post since his sphere scam has ended.)

FINAL(?) UPDATE: Adam has found the courage to edit the auction page. He's removed any claim that the ball is a legit P1 sphere prop (it's not). He's also removed the made-up story about Angus Scrimm. Now he's just selling an overpriced piece of shit. Way to go, Adam.

UPDATE: The piece of garbage selling this fake sphere is named ADAM. He's ** and from *****. He runs the ****  eBay account where the fake P1 sphere is being sold. We'll be posting more on Mr. Adam until that fake sphere is removed!!

Adam is only ** years old and yet he claims in the eBay listing to have visited the set of Phantasm in March 1977. Hmmm.....

Today's post comes to you from the point where greed and stupidity intersect. This is yet another public service announcement I'm making to warn phans against buying Phantasm props off of eBay. Unless they come from a cast or crew member or have solid, verifiable documentation, you should proceed with extreme caution. Fake props get posted to the auction site every year and, in some cases, the sellers are successful in duping unsuspecting phans for sizable sums of money.

As sphere effects maker Kerry Prior commented on this very blog: "As a general rule, if it shows up on eBay, it's not a genuine sphere."

See this latest eBay auction, which claims to be offering a silver sphere prop from the original Phantasm!  The listing itself is embarrassingly composed. Here is the description, warts and all:

Up for your consideration I’m selling this prop that I got directly from angus scrimm himself I had the pleasure of growing up where the mortuary is one time when the crew was filming when mike and angus the chase seen I snuck in cause I was nosy lol and I got caught by angus scrimm he threw this to me and said get out of here boyyyyyyyy was so amazing and you can verify cause someone else on here is selling theirs $3,000 or best offer and they have a coa with theirs as is no returns has a few surface scuffs a buffing would do the trick but now or make solid offer get for Halloween 🎃 boyyyyyy view all photos it’s about the size of a baseball ⚾️ gives the impression so you can see yourself or if being thrown amazing

Okay, let's start to dismantle this bullshit. First off, that image does not even look like a silver sphere. Compare the seller's pics to ANY image of a sphere from these movies. They don't match. The seller's ball isn't large enough. Furthermore, he claims to have snuck into the mortuary where they filmed the original Phantasm. Whew, boy. That's quite a claim.

Most of Phantasm's Morningside Mortuary scenes were shot in a Chatsworth warehouse, not an actual working mortuary. They did briefly film at Sunnyside Mortuary in Long Beach, but Angus Scrimm only shot a single night there on March 20, 1977. Are we to believe the seller snuck into Sunnyside this particular night and just happened to run into Angus Scrimm? That's hard to believe. I've read the Tall Man's personal journal entry for that exact night (an excerpt of which appears in my book, Phantasm Exhumed), and he never once mentions a surprise set visitor among his detailed account of the filming there.

The more troubling detail is that Angus Scrimm supposedly "threw" a sphere to this eBay seller? Here's the problem with that: The sphere scenes weren't shot at Sunnyside. They were carried out at the Chatsworth warehouse set later in production. So why would there even be a sphere handy for the crew's brief time at Sunnyside? There wouldn't have been. Plus, the sphere props didn't belong to Angus to give away. He wasn't even present for the filming of those scenes.

Please don't give your money to this buffoon. And always be suspicious of what you find on eBay!!

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  1. It's a damn Fushigi ball that you can buy for $19...... nonsense.


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